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Steuben County Underwater Rescue & Recovery Team (SCURRT)

What is SCURRT?

After a near drowning and a drowning that occurred on Lake James in 1997, it was recognized that Steuben County needed to enhance our ability to better protect the citizens that use our natural resources for recreation. In the spring of 1998, efforts were spearheaded by Terry Gary of the Angola Fire Department to form a group of trained divers to work together as a team. The Steuben County Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team (S.C.U.R.R.T.) was formed.

S.C.U.R.R.T. is a multi-jurisdictional team compromised of members from various emergency services from around the Steuben County area. This is the only dive team to serve Steuben and the surrounding counties. 

The main objective of the S.C.U.R.R.T. is to provide a trained, efficient water rescue team to the community we serve and to ensure the safety of our team members by providing up to date equipment that will offer protection from potential hazards that exist. 

S.C.U.R.R.T. members train once a month on various aspects of diving. Some training sessions are in the classroom setting while roughly eight training sessions are devoted to actual diving. Ice diving, tow bar operations, search patterns, entanglement hazards, and emergency operations are just a few of the scenarios that the divers train on in the water. 

Additional services include: Assist police in evidence recovery dives, recover lost property, assist wrecker companies with recovery of vehicles in a body of water, and train area departments with surface water/ice rescue techniques. 

For more information or group demonstrations contact Kevin Mory at 260-665-5555.

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