City Standards

City Standard Details
Here you can get the City of Angola’s standard details. They can be downloaded in PDF formats. PDF will require Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The City maps showing Utilities are for General Information only and should not be used for design work. Please contact the City of Angola Engineering Department for detailed utility layout and sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Adobe acrobat reader program is needed to view or print the following linked pages. Click HERE to download a copy of the program. Download is easy and it's free!

City Street Details

Curb Casting for City Streets
Street Inlet & Catch Basin With Subsurface Drain
Typical Curb & Gutter
Typical Trench Details Within City Streets
Storm Sewer Manhole Frames & Covers

Sidewalk & Driveway Details

Construction of Streets

Sidewalk Curb Ramp Details
Design Memorandum for Sidewalk Curb Ramps
General Notes & Details
Improved Access Ramp
Locations for Sidewalk Curb Ramps
Sidewalk Adjacent to Curb
Sidewalk with Utility Strip
Types of Curbs
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E
Type F
Type G & H
Type K
Type L

City of Angola - Title VI & ADA Information

ADA Documents

Sanitary Sewer Details
Control Manhole for Industrial Surveillance
Force Main Connection to Manhole
Manhole Frames & Covers
Type J, K, L, M, N Manholes
Typical 48 Inch Drop Manhole
Typical 48 Inch Manhole 

Sanitary Sewer details

Erosion Control Practices
Inlet Protection
Silt Fence
Temporary Gravel Construction Entrance-Exit
Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance 1164 - 2004

Water Specifications
Water Specifications
Ordinance No. 1311-2009.AMC.Chapter52Water
Water Meter Installation Specifications 2009

City Ordinances
Post-Construction Operation and Maintenance Ord. 1207-2005
Erosion & Sediment Control Ord. 1164-2004
Sewer Connection Fees Ordinance - 01429-2012 
Storm Water Ordinance
Street Cut Ordinance
Tree Ordinance
Water Connection Fees Ordinance - 10428-2012
Fees for Site Improvement Permits 
Illicit Discharge and Elimination Ordinance Ord. 1159-2004
Illicit Discharge & Elimination Ordinance Enforcement Through Administrative Proceedings Ord. 1160 - 2004

City Maps
City Council Map
Zoning Map
Jurisdictional Map

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