Superintendent: Jeff Gaff (jgaff@angolain.org)

The Angola Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class III facility designed for an average daily flow of 1.7 MGD. With a conventional activated sludge process, our plant consistently removes more than 95% of the biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, and ammonia.

This process includes both physical and biological treatment including such equipment as screening, grit removal, primary clarification, secondary aeration, and UV disinfection before discharging effluent to the H. D. Wood Ditch. This ditch eventually flows into the Pigeon Creek which in turn flows into Long Lake and eventually into the St. Joseph River. Since the St. Joseph River flows into Lake Michigan , the City of Angola is under the jurisdiction of the Great Lakes Initiative and must therefore maintain effluent limits of Total Phosphorus below 1.0 mg/L.

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